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Lynx Technologies Total Data Storage & Backup Solution

First, We Evaluate 4 Key Elements
Of Your File Storage Systems Availability:

 1. Performance
 2. Application Availability
 3. Data/Storage Availability
 4. Failure Recovery

Then We Develop Your Custom
Total Data Storage Solution To:

Improve System Performance
Simplify Storage Management
Expand Storage Options
Streamline Enterprise Backup
Expand Backup Solutions
Optimize Data Caching
Optimize Data Exchange
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To Find Out More About
The Lynx Total Data Storage
Backup & Recovery Solution

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Online & Offsite Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Manage Your documents and data easily, securely and cost-effectively using Lynx online or offsite data storage solutions. Now You can deploy the most 'Highly Available' data storage backup & recovery solution in the industry
- At A Surprisingly Affordable Price!

Whether your requirements are for data center (online) storage or for remote data storage, Lynx Technologies will architect the proper solution for your particular needs. We specialize in developing and integrating 'High Availability' data storage as well as backup & recovery solutions to fit your enterprise.

We have selected Network Appliance, Syncsort, and Spectra Logic as strategic partners because we believe they provide 'best in class' data storage solutions to the 'High Availability' challenge.

  Network Appliances Data 
					Storage/Backup/Recovery Hardware & Software

Syncsort Data Storage 

Spectralogic Data 
						Storage & Data Backup Solutions

Secure Online Data Backup / Remote Data Backup

Data security and compliance are of paramount importance in today’s complex business environment. HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley & Sarbanes-Oxley have all placed significant data security compliance requirements on businesses. Lynx provides secure online and secure remote data storage backup & recovery systems that can be configured and optimized to fit Your most stringent specifications.

Independently, NetApp, Syncsort, and Spectra Logic products offer functionality and performance that no other competitor can boast. When combined in the Lynx Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution, these products form the backbone of a Fast, Reliable, Scalable, 24x7 data storage backup & recovery operation.

The SyncSort family of products is designed to take advantage of distributed network architectures, providing a total solution for multi-platform environments. Tek-Tools' Profiler Rx: Modular Monitoring and Reporting Applications, provides proactive solutions targeting Backup, NAS, SAN and/or DAS pain in your organization.

  Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution Partners:
Spectra Logic

						Data Center

Online Data Backup & Recovery In Your Data Center

The fastest, most reliable data backup & recovery system in the world can't help you while it's still in the box. Typically, Your IT Professionals are left to their own devices to deploy and integrate new hardware and software into Your computing environment.

As part of our commitment to You, we not only design and provide Your data storage backup & recovery solution; we will work with You to integrate it into Your system. We will also train Your data center personnel and provide ongoing support as required. We are fully committed to provide Your Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution.

Tired of expensive upgrades? Maximize value and minimize obsolescence in Your data center. This cutting-edge solution will provide ongoing flexibility for Your evolving data storage backup & recovery needs.

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Data Storage & Backup Software

Power Behind The Storage

In New York State, if your annual electric bill is $1,000,000 per year, we can save You enough money to fund a 10TB unified storage solution at NO COST.

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