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Lynx Technologies Total Data Storage & Backup Solution

First, We Evaluate 4 Key Elements
Of Your File Storage Systems Availability:

 1. Performance
 2. Application Availability
 3. Data/Storage Availability
 4. Failure Recovery

Then We Develop Your Custom
Total Data Storage Solution To:

Improve System Performance
Simplify Storage Management
Expand Storage Options
Streamline Enterprise Backup
Expand Backup Solutions
Optimize Data Caching
Optimize Data Exchange
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Deploy Syncsort BEX Data
Protection In YOUR Data Center
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The Lynx Total Data Storage
Backup & Recovery Solution

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Syncsort Data Storage Solutions Backup Express Data Backup Software

A proven component of the Lynx Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution, Syncsort Backup Express (BEX) is a high performance backup solution for small, medium, or even the largest enterprise business network. Lynx Supplies Syncsort Products At A Surprisingly Affordable Price!

Syncsort Backup Express data protection software supports any combination of UNIX, Windows (9x/NT/2000/XP/2003), Linux, NetWare/OES, SLES/OES and NDMP/NAS in a SAN. It can also run in Mac OS X environments. Backup Express provides best-in-industry clustered system data backup performance, and is currently the only backup solution that:

  • Integrates heterogeneous snapshot, image and rapid recovery options
  • Can backup all data directly across Your Fibre Channel or iSCSI network
  • Dynamically shares all drives across Your enterprise
  • Supports all NDMP incrementals
  • Controls Your entire data backup with a single catalog and browser-based GUI

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Syncsort Data Storage Solutions Backup Express For Your Business

Syncsort Backup Express data backup software will allow You to implement a complete disaster recovery capability in Your data center, with near-instant recovery time. BEX backup technology eliminates backup windows allowing You to optimize staff efficiency while maintaining 24x7 data availability. BEX also meets all current regulatory compliance requirements for unstructured data.

Syncsort Data Storage Solutions Backup Express 2.3 Integrates NetApp

Syncsort Backup Express 2.3 data backup software incorporates NetApp® SnapVault® technology for Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server, with image-based snapshot capabilities. BEX 2.3, uses SnapVault integration to seamlessly deliver fast and efficient disk backup and recovery, giving Your data and applications higher availability and reliability:

  • Have Your servers instantly failover to any backup image
  • Consolidate data for disaster recovery on cost-effective centralized storage
  • Eliminate remote tape data storage
  • Increase scalability

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Syncsort Data Storage Solutions BEX Reduces Your Data Backup Risk

If You store Windows-based primary data on NetApp NearStore® nearline data storage, You can now perform live SnapVault backups of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange. Selectively restore files, directories, SQL database objects, and Exchange mailbox stores from any point-in-time and to backup more often.

Additionally, BEX 2.3 stores Windows configuration information, allowing bare-metal recovery or replication of Windows primary servers directly from Your SnapVault storage volume.

Syncsort Data Storage Solutions Backup Express Reporter

Syncsort Backup Express Reporter is a browser-based system management tool that enables real-time monitoring and summary of Your enterprise data backup operation. BEX Reporter gives administrators the ability to easily assess current and historical activity throughout Your Enterprise, from a single web-based GUI.

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Total Data Storage Solution In Your Data Center

As part of our commitment to You, Lynx Technologies not only design and provide Your data storage / backup solution; we will work with You to integrate it into Your system. We will also train Your data center personnel and provide ongoing support as required. We are fully committed to provide Your Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution.



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