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About Us

About Lynx Technologies

Since its inception in 2000, Lynx Technologies has been committed to meeting the needs of our clients, finding reliable and cost-effective solutions. Starting with just a simple and effective centralized data storage solution, we continued to grow our business as our client’s needs changed.

Today, we work in the Enterprise space, with a commitment to the ongoing improvement of our IT Managed Services offerings, as well as the deployment of very high-end solutions and solving very difficult problems. This perspective, supported by a deep technical “bench” gives us unique insight into new ways to solve problems that haven’t befallen mid-sized companies yet. In addition, our expertise in Data Protection and Disaster Recovery helps our clients achieve their disaster recovery goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

Our Growth at a Glance

Clients' Need (2000)

Many large companies struggling to keep up with growing storage requirements, trying to survive the nightmare of managing it on each of the myriad servers in their enterprise.

Our Solution

Effective centralized data storage.

Clients' Need (2001)

A more efficient way to protect the data.

Our Solution

Added backup software, tape devices, and disk-based backup systems to our product lines.

Clients' Need (Post 9/11/01)

Companies began to realize that backing up the Data addresses only part of the exposure. Even if the backup data was stored offsite (which was not always the case), the next problem was trying to build a server to match the one that failed – or was lost in a disaster. Without a perfectly matched server, the backup data was useless.

Our Solution

Expanded our expertise to include Disaster Recovery planning and implementation.

Clients' Need (2007 & Beyond)

Affordable DR solution for small and mid-sized business.

Our Solution

Implemented Server Virtualization as a simplified and affordable DR solution. Began offering “Enterprise-class” IT solutions to mid-sized companies. Began offering IT Managed Services that include Help Desk support. Refined ITMS, developing new procedures and systems that reduce unplanned events and ensure overall efficiency.