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Network & Security Audit

Determine Your Risk Score

Our Network Audit will inventory all of your current technology and security measures. Lynx Technologies then reviews the massive amount of data produced by the audit, and present it to you in a clear and actionable manor.

Network Audit Risk Score

The Risk Score is a value from 1 to 100, where 100 represents significant risk and potential issues. The score is risk associated with the highest risk issue. Several critical issues were identified. Identified issues should be investigated and addressed according to the Management Plan.

Each area of your technology will either meet industry expectations, need improvement, or essentially fail. We will dive deep into each of these areas, discussing the technology we recommend you should improve, as well as those areas needing immediate attention.

After reviewing the network audit with you, we will recommend the next steps for remediation, and work together to establish long-term technology goals.

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Determine Your Risk Score
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