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Power Behind The Storage

Are You a large electric user in New York State? Save 8-12% annually on Your electric power purchase by using Lynx Energy Management Services.

Now large electric users in New York State can leverage our IT expertise and extensive experience in the New York energy industry to develop an Energy Management System.

We currently manage all of the electricity purchase for 20 colleges and 6 large office buildings in New York State - including the Capitol Complex in Albany.

Albany Capitol Complex 
			Purchases Electricity Through Lynx Technologies

$SAVE$ On Your Electricity Purchase

We currently manage electricity purchases on behalf of our clients in excess of $100,000,000 annually - Saving them 8-12% on their electric bills.

In this era of shrinking budgets, this large cost-saving can have a significant impact on Your "bottom-line".

To put this into perspective, if Your annual electric bill is $1,000,000 per year, we can save You enough money to fund a 10TB unified storage solution at NO COST.

Discount Electricity / Power Management Services

Lynx recently migrated the Energy Management System to a secure datacenter in order to support a hosted architecture. We will be expanding the system capability to include customized report functionality for all Energy Management Services customers. This will allow you to access your energy consumption, energy savings estimates, NYISO billing data, and financial reconciliation information online and in real-time. You will also have the ability to generate Market Opportunity Evaluation reports, which identify trends in Real-time vs. Day Ahead prices.

Request Information On Discount Electricity / Power Management Services

Your Total Data Storage & Backup Solution

Whether You manage an online system or You require an offsite storage, backup & recovery system, the Lynx Total Data Storage & Backup Solution will give You 'best in class' availability at a surprisingly affordable price.



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