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Lynx Technologies Total Data Storage & Backup Solution

First, We Evaluate 4 Key Elements
Of Your File Storage Systems Availability:

 1. Performance
 2. Application Availability
 3. Data/Storage Availability
 4. Failure Recovery

Then We Develop Your Custom
Total Data Storage Solution To:

Improve System Performance
Simplify Storage Management
Expand Storage Options
Streamline Enterprise Backup
Expand Backup Solutions
Optimize Data Caching
Optimize Data Exchange
Contact Lynx Technologies
To Find Out More About
The Lynx Total Data Storage
Backup & Recovery Solution

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Data Storage Management & Data Backup Software

'BEST IN CLASS' SOFTWARE - Lynx Technologies supplies, integrates, and supports Profiler RX data storage management software from TekTools and also Backup Express data backup software from Syncsort.

Syncsort Backup Express Data Backup Software

Syncsort's Backup Express is a high-performance enterprise data protection solution with innovative technology, flexibility and manageability for UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments.

Backup Express has a unique, distributed architecture that provides you with centralized control for all backup and restore functions with a single catalog. This one enterprise-wide solution across all platforms also brings into play the framework to support advanced data management technologies such as SAN, clustering, NDMP, NAS, and Image/Snapshot.

Supports an Extensive List of Database and Application Interfaces
Backup Express has interfaces to all leading applications on UNIX, Windows, Linux, and NetWare. The application and database agents include:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Informix
  • MS Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • DB2
  • SAP
  • Sybase
  • SharePoint Portal Server
  • GroupWise

Snapshot Support for Windows and NetWare
The Open File Facility feature of Backup Express enables synchronized hot backup for Windows and NetWare file systems. It provides both volume-level and file-level job options, and maintains point-in-time consistency among groups of files.

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Tek-Tools Data Storage Management Software

Profiler Rx
Profiler Rx is a collection of Web-based, real-time and historical resource reporting applications targeting DAS, NAS, SAN and Backup pain in customer environments. Every customer has different "pain" points and with Profiler Rx, you choose the solution modules that allow your organization to monitor specific pain points or the entire storage/server/backup network from one consolidated viewpoint.

File Analysis - View information on specific files to critically analyze who's using your storage, what types of files are being stored and where and how old the files are in order to make decisions about their management accordingly.

Backup Reporting - Identify how much data is being backed up, if backups were successful, how long backups are taking, trend when the backup window will be exceeded and report SLAs. Combine with File Analysis to analyze what is being backed up and its age.

Capacity Planning - Trend current usage and project and schedule future storage/backup needs and expenditures. Leverage file age reports to define tiered storage requirements.

Server Consolidation - Identify server, storage, and backup under and over utilization from a performance, application and storage perspective.

Application Monitoring - Identify storage and performance hotspots and bottlenecks for quicker problem resolution in databases, email, DNS servers, etc.

Chargeback - Report on hosts, storage, backup servers, backup clients and fibre channel ports by application and/or business unit for chargeback and SLA initiatives.

Executive-level Reporting - Granular asset and utilization visibility for use in strategic, continuity and management planning by department or across the enterprise.

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PROFILER Rx Solutions

DAS & NAS Solutions
Profiler for OS (all major OS)
Profiler for NetApp Filers
Profiler for EMC Celerra
Applications Solutions
Profiler for Microsoft Exchange
Profiler for Microsoft SQL
Profiler for Oracle
Profiler for DNS Monitoring
SAN Solutions
Profiler for Xiotech Magnitude & 3D
Profiler for Symmetrix
Profiler for Switches
Backup Solutions
Profiler for CA ARCserve
Profiler for Legato Networker
Profiler for Veritas NetBackup
Profiler for Veritas Backup Exec
Profiler for TSM
Profiler for StorageTek ACSLS
Profiler for SyncSort BEX

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