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Lynx Technologies Total Data Storage & Backup Solution

First, We Evaluate 4 Key Elements
Of Your File Storage Systems Availability:

 1. Performance
 2. Application Availability
 3. Data/Storage Availability
 4. Failure Recovery

Then We Develop Your Custom
Total Data Storage Solution To:

Improve System Performance
Simplify Storage Management
Expand Storage Options
Streamline Enterprise Backup
Expand Backup Solutions
Optimize Data Caching
Optimize Data Exchange
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To Find Out More About
The Lynx Total Data Storage
Backup & Recovery Solution

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Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution

Improve Systems Performance, Simplify Storage Management, Expand Storage Options, Streamline Enterprise Backup, Expand Backup Solutions, Cluster, Optimize Data Caching, Optimize Data Exchange.

Improve Your Systems' Performance
Two key metrics that define system performance are Speed and Reliability. We can improve the Speed and Reliability of your internal network, Web page, Internet access, and WAN communications.

With the Lynx Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution, you will maintain operations during events that would otherwise cause downtime:

  • Hardware Failures (disk drives, motherboards, network connections, etc)
  • "Blue Screens" (O/S crashes)
  • O/S Upgrades
  • Scaling
  • Performing enterprise-wide backups

Simplify Data Storage Management

There are many factors that contribute to the complexity of managing network data storage. Most network environments today contain more than one Operating System, possibly more than one Network Operating System, and a slew of servers with direct-attached storage.

Managing data storage requirements and platform interoperability has become a full-time job. The Lynx Total Data Storage, Backup & Recovery Solution streamlines Data Storage Management and addresses these practical issues:

  • Enterprise-wide storage allocation
  • Multi-platform file sharing (Win, Unix, Linux, etc.)
  • File and file system restoration
  • Quota management

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Data Storage Options

We offer you 3 choices with regard to data storage networks:

  • Traditional Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • iSCSI SAN - perhaps the most versatile and cost-effective data storage network.

iSCSI is similar to a traditional SAN in that the application servers see the storage as locally attached. The major difference is in the "fabric". Instead of costly fibrechannel cables, switches, and Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), the iSCSI SAN utilizes your existing GB Ethernet infrastructure.

With Lynx Technologies, you will improve server and file service performance today and eliminate LAN traffic during backups:

  • Speed - faster than local disk
  • Scalability - HOT Scalable from 100GB to 96TB
  • Versatility - multi-platform file sharing support
  • Reliability - 99.995% actual field performance, 30 sec. reboot
  • Recoverability - file restore in seconds, file system (up to 96TB) in 30 sec.

Our integrated SAN backup solutions and NDMP compliant hardware and software allow seamless LAN free and Serverless backups. Consolidate Storage, Simplify Storage Management and Improve Performance with Lynx integrated Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solutions.

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Streamline Enterprise Data Backup

The requirement to backup everything in your enterprise is only half the story. Equally important is what happens to your enterprise while you are backing it up and how long it will take to restore the system in the event of a catastrophic failure.

At Lynx Technologies, we simplify the Enterprise Data Backup process and address these practical issues:

  • Quota management
  • Mission-critical open files
  • Limited backup window
  • Distributed environment
  • Limited band-width

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Data Backup Solutions

When designing an Enterprise Data Backup solution, two key factors to consider are the impact to ongoing operations and the time it will take to return to operations in the event of a catastrophic failure. Lynx partners with top Hardware and Software companies using NDMP compliant products and integrated SAN capabilities. Leverage the experience of our Systems Engineers to deliver the full promise of LAN free and Serverless backups.

Lynx offers backup "Audits" and site surveys to determine the most effective approach to solve backup window limitations, reliability of restores and ease of backup administration. We also offer a range of Data Protection Services designed to validate your backups with test restores on a regular basis and offsite secure disaster recovery storage of tapes.

With Lynx Technologies, you can protect your business with little or no impact to ongoing operations. The Lynx Total Data BStorage Backup & Recovery Solution will improve the performance of your Enterprise Backup:

  • Availability - HOT backups (Oracle, SQL, Informix, Exchange, Notes)
  • Control - centralized management of remote backup sites
  • Ease of Use - browse online volume directory
  • Versatility - "any-to-any" seamless integration
  • Recoverability - "bare metal" restore

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Motherboards fail, disk drives become corrupt, Windows NT "blue screens," cooling fans seize, etc. The key is to manage the event and recover quickly. Clustering allows one server to act as a "back-up" for another. Typically, this has been a one-to-one relationship where the Passive server contains a mirror image of the data on the Active server and waits for it to 'die'. Two obvious issues arise in this scenario:

  • First, there is a large investment in equipment that you rarely use.
  • Second, there is a performance penalty and synchronization issues related to data replication.

With Lynx Technologies, you won't be paying a performance penalty and you won't have to purchase a lot of under-utilized hardware. Our Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution will improve your systems' performance:

  • Availability - continue processing through server failure
  • Versatility - one-to-many clustering support (N-way)
  • Utilization - balance the load between servers

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One universally accepted 'truth' about inter/intranet speed is that the bigger your pipe, the better your performance. Or, stated a little differently, you need to spend more money to improve performance. A hardware Web Caching solution will prove not only cost effective, but will save money on leased line costs and improve performance.

Deployed in front of your web servers these appliances will reduce requests to your web farm and improve performance of your website.

However, the Lynx Total Data Storage Backup & Recovery Solution will improve performance and reduce costs. We will improve the speed of your Web page, Internet access, and WAN communications. At the same time we will reduce:

  • Broadband fees
  • Idle labor costs
  • Lost e-business

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Microsoft Exchange

We offer a full range of Microsoft Exchange Services, from consulting & Data Migration to full implementation of Hardware and Software. Our solution integrates Syncsort Backup Express software and NetApp Filer's for maximum Application and Data Availability.

Please Contact Us for further information or to set up a technical presentation.

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