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Kevin H. Schoener

The Energy Management Services (EMS) Team is lead by Kevin Schoener, President of Lynx. Mr. Schoener has 30 years’ experience in the Electric Utility and Information Technology industries. Mr. Schoener designed, developed, deployed, and currently oversees the maintenance of our proprietary Energy Management computer systems. His primary responsibilities in leading the EMS Team are:

  • Provide an Industry Expert’s perspective to meet the challenges of the electric marketplace
  • Direct the implementation of Strategic and Tactical plans
  • Liaison with customer
  • Analyze market conditions and develop energy and capacity purchasing strategies
  • Oversee power scheduling, purchasing, and financial reconciliation processes
  • Contact for Load Curtailment events


Todd A. Guichard

The Technology Architect for the EMS Team is Todd Guichard, Vice President of Lynx. Mr. Guichard has 18 years’ experience in Systems Engineering, Network Architecture, and Design of High Availability systems. In addition, Mr. Guichard has 12 years’ experience in the competitive energy marketplace in New York State. His responsibilities on the EMS Team are:

  • Ensure the reliability and recoverability of our computer systems
  • Support contingency plans by maintaining system redundancy
  • Liaison with customer
  • Contact for Load Curtailment events
  • Power scheduling function


Bert Spaeth

Research and manage utility tariffs and ISO/RTO manuals and information. Project manage SUNY Energy project with Energy Cap. Write Lynx Technologies monthly newsletter. Assist Lynx in developing new markets and opportunities. Provide customer support for utility and regulatory issues. Identify funding sources from state and federal sources for energy projects

Lisa Klein

Mrs. Klein (MA Education, State University at Buffalo) oversees the deployment of Lynx Energy Management Systems in service to our clients. Having joined Lynx in 2006, she brings to our office the communication skills of a good teacher. Her duties include oversight of all technical aspects of Lynx’s interface with the ISO/RTO: power scheduling, management of demand response, analysis of metered data, preparation of reports to clients, liaison to the utilities.

Richard L. Davis

Mr. Davis’s MA in Economic History (University of Pennsylvania) was preceded by undergraduate study (University of Rochester) in economics, science and math. Throughout his career, he has handled basic commodities first as a crop farmer in central New York then, for 15 years, as Northeast Marketing Manager for the Novartis Seed Division and, lastly as salesman for a tight-knit group of Energy Services Companies formed since the outset of electricity deregulation in NY. In 2005, Mr. Davis was invited by Mr. Schoener to spearhead development of the energy services side of Lynx Technologies.