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IT Services for Mid-Sized Companies

Is it Time to Outsource Your Help Desk?

The right time for outsourcing is different for every organization. You can begin by considering who currently handles your IT related issues.

An employee with split responsibilities?

Often times the responsibility of IT support falls on the shoulders of an employee that already has a full job description in another area of the company. This scenario requires the individual to be consistently pulled away from the job they were hired for, and productivity is compromised. Many times, they do not have access to the tools and knowledge and expertise that Lynx brings. With the increasing sophistication of cyber attackers, the need for a deep understanding of the risks and solutions is essential. Even the tasks that seem to be mundane or innocuous can have tangible security implications. By shifting the day to day issues to our help desk, you and your staff are freed up to focus on your growing business, while Lynx keeps you running safely and efficiently.

A dedicated IT staff?

Most IT professionals require a steep salary along with additional benefits. Staffing even one professional may not be possible for businesses that have budget constraints. Even if you currently have a dedicated professional, it is highly unlikely that they will have the expertise needed in every area. It can also be challenging for one individual to find the time to attend to all of the minor details. In such a scenario outsourcing seems to be the best possible solution. When outsourcing with Lynx, you don’t just get one professional, you get a team of professionals with various expertise. We can also work with your IT staff in order to augment areas they are weak in or don’t have the time to focus on.

Is It Time to Look for Another Vendor?

Even if you currently have a vendor for Help Desk Services, it may be time to re-evaluate your service.

  • Are you happy with their response time to your IT issues?
  • Do you have recurring problems that are not being addressed?
  • Are you covered and protected from Ransomware?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much for service, or feel like you are being nickel-and-dimed?
  • Are you paying too much for hardware?

Whether you need support for your network infrastructure, servers, desktops, or printers, Lynx will keep your business running smoothly by taking care of the day to day IT related frustrations.